Tech Specs

Input Token Requirements

Reward Vaults can be configured to accept an ERC721 or ERC20 token as staking input. Token contracts used for Reward Vaults staking should meet the following requirements:
ERC-721 contracts should inherit from the OpenZeppelin standard ERC721 contract.
ERC20 contracts should inherit from the OpenZeppelin standard ERC20 contract.
ERC20 contracts should also include the following functions for compatibility with Reward Vaults.
Required ERC20 extensions
  • ERC20Mintable - Allows reward tokens to be minted when a user claims rewards.
  • SafeERC20 - The ERC20 version of safeTranser used in the ERC721 contract
Recommended ERC20 extensions
  • ERC20Burnable - Allows for future deflationary events. Not all projects will use this function but we recommend having it in place just in case.
  • ERC20Pausable - Allow pausing of all token transfers to/from anyone and any contract including the vaults. This is a useful safety function in the event of a contract exploit.

Network Compatibility

PolyientX smart contracts are designed to work across EVM-compatible blockchains. We currently support Ethereum, Avalanche and Polygon.
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