Reward Vault Fees

A 3% fee is to the rewards claimed from all PolyientX vaults. The fee is in the vault-specific reward token and is distributed to a PolyientX treasury wallet to fund development and platform operations.
Example - A user stakes an NFT for 30 days and earns a balance of 100 reward tokens. When the reward tokens are claimed, the user receives 100 reward tokens and the PolyientX smart contract receives 3 reward tokens.
Note: Users of PolyientX Vaults do not pay fees on their rewards. The fee is additive to the reward token supply and creates a minimal amount of inflation.

Marketplace Fees

Each marketplace transaction will carry a small fee in the 1.5-3% range. A portion of transaction fees is shared with the project that originated the transaction.
Further detail on marketplace fees will be available closer to the launch of Marketplace.
Last modified 1mo ago