PolyientX provides a platform for NFT holders to earn rewards. These rewards come in the form of a reward token which can be used to add new utility to NFTs.
Interested in using PolyientX Reward Vaults or Marketplace? Submit a project application and we'll be in touch!
We support NFT projects in categories such as:
  • Art and Collectibles - Build a group of loyalists and support your most rabid fans.
  • Games - Leverage in-game NFTs to extend and incentivize player participation.
  • DeFi - Connect to new layers of composability in the DeFi stack.
  • DAOs - Enable participation and empower community action.
The core of the PolyientX platform is the Reward Vault which allows a user to stake NFTs in exchange for reward tokens.
The Marketplace allows NFT project supporters to buy and sell NFTs with their reward tokens or native cryptocurrencies such as ETH, AVAX and MATIC.
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